For Immediate Release
May 13, 2020

AKRON, OH – The SaaS Factory, an Akron, OH software product company, has partnered with Acquire Investments, LLC to join their Akron Fusion Ventures Fund. The partnership creates a SaaS-focused component to the existing fund, as well as additional capital. The companies will invest in top-tier businesses which use software as a service to solve complex challenges
facing the world. Serial entrepreneurs Marling Engle and Michael Fischer lead The SaaS Factory. The company has been building, operating, and exiting successful SaaS businesses for a decade.

Akron Fusion Ventures was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Bill Manby and Victoria Tifft, along with longtime C-Suite Executive Michael L. Rademacher. The fund leverages strengths in Northeast Ohio and has created significant connectivity to other tech regions, such as Silicon Valley. The partnership allows both teams to accelerate growth by combining their strengths of fund management and SaaS expertise.

By launching the partnership with Akron Fusion Ventures, both companies hit the ground running with an active pipeline of SaaS prospects and capital to invest. The Fund is not limited to Ohio or Midwest-based companies and will look to all regions of the USA for deal flow. The Fund’s existing relationship with Silicon Valley, history of successful investments, and highly experienced team is a perfect compliment to The SaaS Factory’s expertise acquiring and scaling SaaS businesses.

The fund is focused on building a portfolio of investments reflecting a vision of information-based innovation while creating sustainable and scalable return for fund investors. SaaS companies with innovative solutions for the world seeking Seed through Series A funding are of particular interest. Sidecar opportunities for investors are also considered.

“The Fund combines key ingredients for investment return—a growth market and a novel value proposition to tap into that growth,” said Marling Engle, CEO of The SaaS Factory.

“SaaS—when done correctly in a sustainable business model—will grow exponentially. We’ve been through the pitfalls and the wins that are common in the SaaS space, and are looking to help our portfolio companies capitalize on that experience while fueling their growth,” Marling Engle is optimistic about the future: “Deals are getting done and there are significant opportunities out there. Valuations are attractive, and can be a great mid- to longer term investment than the public market, with current volatility considered. Startups live in uncertainty, and current world events certainly add another layer of complexity—but the real innovators out there will make assessments on risk and opportunities, and find new paths forward.”

Based in Akron, Ohio, Marling Engle is the CEO of The SaaS Factory and a member of Akron Fusion Ventures. Based in Austin Texas, Michael Fischer is the CEO of WillcoTech and a Managing Partner of The SaaS Factory.

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